Game Concept Structure

For the game we are creating and designing in ‘Introduction to Games Design’ I have been asked create a game concept for it.

Game Concept Structure


The story is about a young homeless man called ‘Jason Brundle’ who has had a terrible time growing up, not knowing who his parents are or knowing if he has brothers or sisters as he was ditched at an orphanage as a baby. As he grows up he has trouble with his anger and attitude and gets kicked out of school, which leads him to join violent gangs with his best friend ‘Goroon’ at a very young age of 12. During this time he is involved in many different types of crime like burglary, assault and vandalism. After several years of taking orders from other people and hating every minute of it, he decides to leave the gang, but he can’t just leave that easily. So he runs and hides away in the back alleys of London away from the members of the gang, training himself to fight and defend himself. After a couple of years of hiding away, the gangs he once know get a little closer to finding him… All thanks to ‘Jason’s’ so-called best buddy ‘Goroon’. Who has given the gang his best friends location. So now Jason has to fight off and defend himself against the gangs and the police officers that are trying to detain him.

The main purpose of ‘Jason’ is to get revenge on his ex best friend for making his life and absolute living hell for letting the gangs know his location. But once Jason has finished what he wanted, then he can maybe start to get his life back on track and put his past behind him.


The typical nature of the game play is to fight your way through hordes of enemies using many different attacks to overcome diverse types of enemies. Each player will have a special attack dedicated to that character, which will in effect have special outcomes towards different enemies. The enemies will be gang members, police officers and people he used to associate with; they will all try and attack the player with their fists or weapons from many different angles. The main character ‘Jason’ is weak against attacks from above and behind as he wears a hoody nearly all the time. They player will be moving left or right down a street but can also go down alleys or other roads to find new enemies or objects.

Game Objective

The objective of the game is to try to fight your way through various difficulties of enemies and get to the end; which will then tally up the amount of kills you got within the time limit and added to the High score table.

Player Role

You play as a twenty one year old homeless brute called ‘Jason Brundle’ who is trying to find his way in life using his “fists”, fighting off old gangs and people he used to associate with.

Game World

The game is set in the streets of London in the year 1996.

Player Interaction Model

The player will be controlling the character through an avatar.

Primary Perspective

It will be played on a side-scrolling platform, similar to the ‘Streets of Rage’ franchise.  The player will view the game from a side, so the player will be walking left or right to get to the destination.

General Structure

There will be a few different game modes to be played within the game:

Time Limit – Try and defeat as many enemies as possible in the time allocated.

To the Death! – Only 1 life, try and defeat as many enemies as you can.

Power: Time Limit – Try and defeat as many enemies as possible in the time allocated, can use power ups.

Power: To the Death! – only 1 life, try and defeat as many enemies as you can but you can use power ups.

When playing the game there will be items to find and collect which will be unlocked in the menu if found and can be used in game, items can include weapons, armor, clothing, power ups and new attacks. There will be 2 types of leader board for the game, one of which is just a normal leader board and the other is for the power game modes.

Competitive Mode

The game will be quite competitive as there will be a cooperative mode where you can team up with someone else and see how many kills you can get in the time limit. Also there will be a competitive mode to play with friends, were the 2 characters play on the same screen and see who can get the most kills, they can also steal the other players kills.


The Genre is a “Beat ’em up” fighting game.

Target Audience

The target audience would be gamers that love a good old “Beat ‘em up” game with simple controls and can be played quickly and casually.


The platform that this would be played on would be PC, Xbox 360 as an arcade game, and PS3 as a PlayStation Mini game.


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