Group Project: Frankenstein Game Story Idea’s

For ‘Craft and media technologies’ we have been put into groups of 4 and have been asked to come up with a game idea based on a book, but we have to make sure that there hasn’t been a game like it before.

Our group is Me (Reece), Ethan, Nathan and Chris.

So we came up with various ideas for ‘Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein’ book.

The idea that is bold and underlined is the idea that we have chosen to build upon. (Idea 3)

Frankenstein Story/plot:

Idea 1: by Ethan

Morgue undertaker victor Frankenstein is tired of cutting up the dead and prepping them for burial.  He decides to find a way to fix this problem a way to cure death. Working in the comfort of his own basement and under the cover of night he begins his experiment. Using the bodies he’s taken from the morgue he builds a new man and brings him to life only to have to go wrong. Now its up to him to fix his mistakes and bring his creation home or send it back to the morgue.

Idea 2: by Ethan

Stricken ill with grief over the loss of his only child he decides to preform a drastic operation to bring it back…the only trouble is finding new body parts to replace his child’s damaged ones. And one night his experiment worked…however it wasn’t the same child he had loved and rose. He dismisses the experiment as a failure and drives his child away…only to realise that he still loves it enough to chase after it…so now he’ll risk everything as a father to save his only child.

Idea 3: by Ethan

Professional scientist victor tries to push the boundaries of medical science into the unknown and past moral restrictions. Behind the back of the medical board and the government and away from public eye he works at home with stolen equipment. He will attempt to create a new life form or resurrect the dead. Using any available material he can get his hands on dead, alive, fresh or expired. He’s willing to substitute any parts he can’t find with lifeless machinery…but one thing troubles him…he needs a brain…how far will he go?


Idea 4: by Ethan:

Mad man victor was dismissed from the university of advanced medical research for his wild theories on reanimating the dead. Furious over this ordeal he sets out to prove them wrong. Managing to lad a job at the hospital he uses it as his staging grounds and a potential source of fresh corpses to test his theories on.  Struggling to cope with his failures to turns to more extreme measures. Cutting up bodies and sewing them together like patchwork, finding healthy parts to replace damaged or broken parts. He enjoyed a little successes he brought someone back for a while. He then realised that the body needs a constant surge of electricity.  Once his creation is finished he uses it to get revenge on the university.

Idea 5: by Nathan

A man intent on testing the extent of his knowledge of the human body tries to bring back the dead. 

Idea 6: by Chris & Ethan.

Respectable DR victor was a brilliant man until one unfortunate twist of fate became his undoing. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor that threatened his life. The only way to save him was surgery to remove the tumor. However the process damaged his mind and personality. He soon found that people couldn’t stand the new him. Blaming the doctors who saved his life for his undoing. He seeked revenge on them, becoming a monster unto him. He planed to hunt down the doctors and kill them for his own satisfaction.

Idea 7:  by Reece

Shunned scientist victor driven to the brink of insanity by loneliness finds comfort in the only friend he ever “made”. Steeling suitable body parts taken from the morgue A.K.A the body shop to him. He creates his only friend. However…he made one fatal mistake with out knowing he used the brain of a dangerous psychopath. Now the psychopath uses victor to protect and care for him while he commits acts of violence and murder under the cover of night. Once victor uncovers the truth he decides to end it and fix him mistake.

Idea 8: by Reece

Break out in the city and Frankenstein creates the monster to defend the city. Out break of Dracula virus.


~ by reeceharry on November 14, 2012.

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