Character Design Coloured

Jason Brundle


“Jason Brundle is a strong, homeless, loner that prefers being by himself then with people as he doesn’t seem to get along with many of them. He has grown up not knowing who his parents are or where he is from, angered by this; he turns to a life of crime and gangs in his teenage years. Aged 18, he leaves and hides from the gangs he used to associate with, scared and tormented by them, he starts to train and gain some muscle so he can defend himself. His former gangs struggle to find him so they get the assistance of Jason’s former best friend ‘Goroon’ to tell them where Jason hides out, after this; it is Jason’s struggle to fight off the approaching gangs and get revenge on his former best friend for letting loose the information.”

For my game that I am designing, I have created a main character called “Jason Brundle”. I have drawn him out into my sketch book and scanned him into the computer so I could digitally colour him in. When colouring him in, I used various tool to get the desired outcome, tools like all three lasso tools and the dodge and burn tools to give him shadows and highlights.

I had a problem when I scanned the image in because the lines of the drawing were not dark enough so I had to go over it with the brush tool in Photoshop to make it a little bit darker.

When I was done colouring the character in, I created a dirty, dark and grungy looking background for it to be displayed on; which was also made on Photoshop. I chose it to be dirty and dark because of Jason’s background as he is homeless and lives on the streets.

The various points of view of the image are:

  • Face front view
  • Face side view
  • Face front view (hood up)
  • Face side view (hood up)
  • Full body view (front)
  • Fighting Stance
  • Weapon

Overall I am really happy with the outcome of how it looks, there is only one thing that I could change and that is the skin colour, I found it difficult to find the right shade and colour I wanted.

Blank version

Final Coloured Version


~ by reeceharry on November 12, 2012.

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