CATS Visual Analysis Task

Visual Analysis Task

The image I have chosen to analyse is a Concept image from one of my favourite games ‘Uncharted: Drakes Fortune’. The game is about a modern day treasure hunter called ‘Nathan Drake’ who believes that he’s a descendant of the famous ‘Sir Francis Drake’. His quest is to find the treasure of ‘El Dorado’ but he isn’t the only one trying to find it.

The reason why I have chosen this certain image is because it shows a lot to the viewer, it shows that there is a fight going on with drake and the people also trying to find the treasure. The first thing that I notice when I look at this is the huge explosion in the back of the scene, which then makes me set my eyes on the pair at the front because they have a glowing reflection from the explosion illuminating them. The colours of the bad guys in the back seem to be dull and grey which makes me feel like they are standing under the night sky, while the pair at the front are lit up from the explosion and a light source in front of them, I think this was done so people’s eyes are drawn to the main characters rather than the disposable AI.

In the very background you can see a lost temple, which makes you think whether ‘drake’ has found El Dorado, which in real life is a myth in history; El Dorado is referred to as ‘a city made of gold’. I don’t think this is an actual image from the video game but a concept image that has been made to show off the game to customers, which I think they have done very well as it shows a lot to the user. The image itself kind of reminds me of the ‘Indiana Jones’ film series, as they were about treasure hunts in unknown places. There seems to be a few forgotten and old statues and relics and in the image which makes me think that they were made years and years ago.

I think the designer who created this image has created it because it shows a lot of features. It’s showing the cover system from the game with ‘Drake’ leaning against the old pillar to hide from enemies, it shows explosives and multiple enemies attacking and it also shows the lost and old ruins in the background which sets the scene perfectly. Another thing that it shows is that the player is always in danger, as you can see from the expression on their faces and how dirty and messy they look.

The setting of the image i think is very interesting as it is El Dorado, which of course is a myth; I think they chose this setting because it has not yet been found in real life so they can put their own twist of what they think ‘The city of gold’ looks like, and give the players a look at what the myth could of looked like.


~ by reeceharry on November 11, 2012.

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