Character Bio

Character Bio Sheet


Basic Information

Full Name: Jason Brundle

Pronunciation: Jay-sun Brun-dal

Nickname(s) or Alias: Brundy

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 21

D.O.B: 22.01.1975

Sexuality:  Straight

Nationality: UK

Religion: None

Place of Birth: Unknown

Currently residing in: The streets of London

Native Language: English

Languages spoken: English

Relationship Status: Single


Physical Appearance

Height: 4ft 6

Weight: 14 Stone

Figure/Build: Muscular

Hair Colour: Brown

Hair Style: Buzzcut

Eye colour: Green

Skin/Fur/Etc. Colour: White

Tattoos: None

Piercings: None

Scars/Distinguishing Marks: Jaw and Eyebrow scars

Preferred style of Clothing: Casual urban

Frequently worn jewellery: ring on middle finger of right hand



Smoker: Yes

Drinker: Yes

Drug user? No

Other Addictions: Fighting

Allergies: No

Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: No

Any medication regularly taken: No



Personality: Edgy, tough, disobedient

Likes: Hurting people, a good pint and dogs

dislikes: nearly everyone, has trust issues

Fears/Phobias: Rats

Favourite Colour: Green

Hobbies: Playing back street poker with money he has stolen or found

Taste in music: rock/metal



Special Ability: Sneak

Talents/Skills: Good at climbing, good at using weapons

Ability to operate vehicles? Yes

                  Of what type? cars/vans


Eating Habits

Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore

Favourite Food(s): Hotdogs

Favourite Drink(s): Beer

Disliked food: N/A

Dislikes drinks: anything that’s not alcoholic


House and Home

Described the character’s house/home: Does not have one, lives on the streets

Significant/special belongings: locket watch



Level of Education: Primary School

Qualifications: N/A

Current job title and Description: Unemployed

Name of Employer: N/A



Peaceful or Aggressive attitude: aggressive

Fighting skills/techniques: boxing style

Special skills/magical powers/etc.: ground smash

Weapon of Choice (if any): Knuckle Duster Knife

Weaknesses in Combat: Attacks from above and behind if he has hood up

Strengths in Combat: Punching and Blocking


Family, Friends and Foes

Parents Names: Unknown

Are parents alive or dead? Unknown

Is the character still living with their parents?: No

Siblings? Unknown

                  Relationship with Siblings? Unknown

Other Important Relatives? No

Partner/Spouse: No

Best Friend: Zalek Ignassi

Other Important Friends: Danielle Porter and Ryan Bridger

Acquaintances: none

Pets: No

Enemies: Goroon

                  Why are they enemies? Used to be best friends when they were teenagers. Friendship broke when goroon decided to stab jason in the back.


Back story

Describe their childhood (newborn – age 10): ditched at an orphanage at a very young age, didn’t get on with any forster parents. Ran away at 9, left to fend for himself.

Describe their teenage years (11-19): Got mixed into gangs from a young age, hated being bossed around so he ran and hid away. Started to train to fight and gain muscle to protect himself.

Describe their adult years (20+): Ex best friend goroon stabbed him in the back after he told jasons former gangs where he was hiding out just so he could get a little bit of protection.



2-3 paragraphs outlining your characters reasoning and purpose.

The main purpose of jason is to get revenge on his ex best friend for making his life and absolute living hell. Also he will have to defend himself against the gangs that want him dead.

But once Jason has finished what he wanted, then he can maybe start to get his life back on track and put his past behind him.


~ by reeceharry on November 5, 2012.

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