Freshers Week – Sheffield Trip

Well seeing as though my first week has passed on my new course, I thought I would write my first post about the Sheffield trip we went to on the 20th September.

Millennium Gallery

Overall I enjoyed the day we had, it was interesting and very informative. The first place we went to when we got there was The Millennium Gallery, the games design students were asked to look at two particular exhibitions:

Under the Sea

This exhibition had lots of different types of designs and ways to show sea related art pieces. There were many different things in there, including paintings, sculptures and crochet work. A few particular pieces that I enjoyed where:

  • Coral Bleaching by Anne Honeyman

  • The Scrimshaw piece – Which is the art of carving the teeth of marine mammals like whales or walruses.

  • The UK Hyperbolic crochet coral reef – This was the work of many hands, people could contribute to the art by adding their own crochet work.

Paul Morrison: Auctorium

The next exhibition was Paul Morrisons.

He takes images from a variety of sources, many of his pieces are rural environments with urban settings and include digital modifications, collages and landscapes. He uses the same colours for his artwork, colours like gold, silver, black and white; Also every piece of artwork within this exhibition had a piece of nature put into it somehow, like a tree or a flower and they all looked fantastic.

Below are a few images from some of his work at the Millennium Gallery Exhibition:

Tilia 2011 – White gold and acrylic on linen

Anacardium, 2011
24 carat gold and acrylic on linen

Cytotype 2009
Acrylic on canvas.

City Museum – Sheffield – Weston Park

After the Millennium Gallery we headed over to the city museum. When I first stepped into the building, I knew the contents would be more my thing. I say this because many of the displays have given me ideas for things like character design, weapon design and even drawing as a whole.

The first thing I saw when I went in was the figurines of the Lord of the Rings Characters, which took my attention straight away since I love the films. These figurines and other ones gave me ideas and a different look for character design, which can help me since I’m doing a Game Design course.

There was also weapons and helmets that gave me ideas to go with any character design that I may produce in the future. Many of the objects that were in the museum will be a great help for me with any work that I may do.




When walking from the millennium gallery to the city museum, I took many pictures of different structures, buildings and different ground/wall textures. I did this because I thought it could help with any level design or structure design I may do in the future.

Wall texture



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